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I wanted to start a personal tumblr concerning contemporary art, critical theory and electronic urban culture since sometime now. Many of you perhaps wonder who I am, why Im writing this message, why I ve been trying to communicate with you, what is my life’s purpose?Well my answer is that Im not special, not even consider myself sophisticated, many of my friends think that I am a miserable counter-revolutionary, others just a party animal and hedonist. well fuck it … I am just a writer who sometimes djing, blogging, taking photos, who some other times pretends to be a lover, a radical, an addict of good sounds and so on, perhaps just like you. A traveller, a lover, a dreamer absolutely like you who ever you re, where ever you come from. I am also associated with the name fancypunk of the shituationist instutute and you can mostly find me in the techno clubs of Berlin and other european countries or just walking somewhere in the center of Athens, drinking a beer.
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48 hours festival in Neukolln


source: 48 hours Neukolln website

This message is for those who didn’t manage to get or even couldn’t afford a ticket to fusion and still wondering how to kill some time this weekend. 48 hours Neukolln is an other shit which is taking place tomorrow and Saturday in Berlin. Two days of different exhibitions, parties and outdoor events perhaps will cover our boredom this weekend in the city. It…

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fusion 2014 party refugees are seeking the holiday communism?


Fusion Festival 2014 is about to open its gates today, with thousands of people already there, seeking for a few days of escape from their everyday routine, be it studying, working or whatever. It has been announced that this year, a bigger fence will be raised, forbidding those without tickets from entering the festival grounds – a rather contradictory movement, if we take into account the…

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shituationist institute at KISMIF conference Porto, Portugal July 7th 2014


congressFew days left till our trip to Porto for the KISMIF conference, which actually starts on July 7th and will last until the July 11th. Our lecture has the title “we like raves but… shituationism as a way out of the dilemma of Hedonism”. In fact we are going to share our experiences and views on party scene in Europe as well as contemporary electronic music and the link of it with radical critical…

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Thessaloniki  Pride held for one more year successfully. Many of our friends in the city seem to be impressed from event itself, because every years is getting bigger and bigger. Good vibes, electronic music sounds and stylish people on the streets  I am publishing few of the brilliant pictures as well as a brief report we have received today by one of our Thessaloniki friends.

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Taking into account the increased vote in favour of the Golden Dawn Nazis as well as the overall extreme-right shift in Greece, the mere election of a progressive mayor in Thessaloniki, could not guarantee a successful Pride. Fortunately, this was not the case and millions of LGBT people crowded the streets of the city, offering a spirited reply to mainstream society and its fascist, racist and homophobic majority.

The internationalist solidarity between gay and transgender people across the Balkans, the radical content of the speeches offered as well as the most anticipated parade of the sexual and gender diversities suppressed in Greece by phobic attitudes, fascist attacks, governmental policies and the police brutality, offered a major political event for public expression and human rights demonstration. Among the several events organized prior or during the Thessaloniki Pride, we should especially mention the pink triangular memorial wreath offered in front of the Jewish Holocaust Memorial.

photo report from Thessaloniki Pride Thessaloniki  Pride held for one more year successfully. Many of our friends in the city seem to be impressed from event itself, because every years is getting bigger and bigger.

a new film: Hot men from Hungary are coming soon 4+7 men, 2 generations, 1 country


We have received the following news from Budapest concerning a new film which deals with the life of gay men in Hungary during the times of the state capitalist regime (eastern block)….


How did gay men live during the communist era in the heart of Central Europe?
Is it true that the subculture flourished from the 60s? What was the extent of government harassment? How did gay men hook up or have…

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Athens Pride 2014 – 10 years Athens Pride : June 14, Klafthmonos Square


pride2014posterI still have a weak memory of the first Athens Pride 10 years ago. It was just a little while before I started packing my stuff for a trip in Belgrade totally drunk. That time I was still living in Athens, having many discussions about lgbtq rights in Greece with my friends who by coincidence were involved with gender and lgbtq rights groups. 10 years ago the Pride was an event of a handful of…

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download some oldskool tunes (a podcast by mumdance) and some more news

I am back in life after a pretty busy party weekend. We finally managed to enjoy the last love techno hate German edition as well as the garden of about blank.

we move on

Dear friends and readers of this blog during all the years. You have probably noticed today that our layout looks rather different.

SI special #43 featuring “thnts”


We proudly present our new SI special #43 edition featuring thnts (Berlin based artist)

“In Greek mythology, Thanatos was the daemon personification of death. In classical Freudian psychoanalytic theory, Thanatos represents the death drive (German: Todestrieb); the drive towards death, self-destruction and the return to the inorganic: “the hypothesis of a death instinct, the task of which is to…

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Phon.o “Moonwalk”

German based artist Phon.o has dropped out 2 days ago his new track “moonwalk” as well as the video above.