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I wanted to start a personal tumblr concerning contemporary art, critical theory and electronic urban culture since sometime now. Many of you perhaps wonder who I am, why Im writing this message, why I ve been trying to communicate with you, what is my life’s purpose?Well my answer is that Im not special, not even consider myself sophisticated, many of my friends think that I am a miserable counter-revolutionary, others just a party animal and hedonist. well fuck it … I am just a writer who sometimes djing, blogging, taking photos, who some other times pretends to be a lover, a radical, an addict of good sounds and so on, perhaps just like you. A traveller, a lover, a dreamer absolutely like you who ever you re, where ever you come from. I am also associated with the name fancypunk of the shituationist instutute and you can mostly find me in the techno clubs of Berlin and other european countries or just walking somewhere in the center of Athens, drinking a beer.
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SI special #43 featuring “thnts”


We proudly present our new SI special #43 edition featuring thnts (Berlin based artist)

“In Greek mythology, Thanatos was the daemon personification of death. In classical Freudian psychoanalytic theory, Thanatos represents the death drive (German: Todestrieb); the drive towards death, self-destruction and the return to the inorganic: “the hypothesis of a death instinct, the task of which is to…

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Just uploaded SI podcast #43 thnts to Mixcloud. Listen now!

Phon.o “Moonwalk”

German based artist Phon.o has dropped out 2 days ago his new track “moonwalk” as well as the video above.

Dib – Panel Trax 041


n 2009 Maks and Synus0006 aka Laslowb launched a new electronic music label called Panel Trax Records. Panel Trax Records is based in Hungary, Budapest but it has grown international due to its producers and its trax which are being played all around the globe. The label is releasing trax in the spectrum of techno, minimal, experimental, acid and dub .Opened to oldschool and new things as well…

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oh yes .. 

oh yes .. 

walking in the mood must be an awkward feeling .. same as Im feeling the last days;… 

SI special presents Traum17

Traum17 is 3 people meeting for each recording session in Berlin, completely improvising during…

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Few months now  I didnt really contribute much content on this blog for several particular reasons. First because I am back in Berlin for long term, which means that I m still trying to figure out what the future brings to my life. The second and perhaps…

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5 years of shituationism. the annual birthday speech by dr0fn0thing.

…Shitty birthday to us, Shitty birthday to us… Let’s have a look at the presents first. This would…

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Escape From Now // ‘Ifz’ Benefiz at Humboldthain Club

Mute blog recommends[youtube=] In Leipzig…

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